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President’s update 2021

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2020 was a difficult year in Myanmar.

Rhonda DundasCovid – 19 forced people into lockdown, businesses closed and people were without jobs, and social welfare is almost nonexistent. The hospitals/clinics are not so well equipped to deal with many coronavirus cases. Over 3,000 deaths have been reported for 2020, but that might not be accurate with many villages and out-lying communities not reporting deaths as covid-related.

The Peniel community on the outskirts of Yangon went into lockdown. The children were learning from home. Moses and Sharon and the house-parents were teaching the children and giving them lessons. Many of the bible students went back to their family homes in various regions. Moses has reported that the students are actively involved in their local churches and ministries in various ways and in various places.

Moses continues to be actively involved in Discipleship and church planting, as well as Leadership development.

The focus of Faith Love Hope Foundation for the next 2 years (2021/22) will be a building project for a new Children’s home. The current home is in disrepair. The new home will be able to house more children who are orphaned or destitute, providing better living conditions than what their current home provides.

We look forward to what God will do in Myanmar in 2021, and God’s provision for the needs of the Peniel community – the children in the Children’s Home and the bible students in the Theological College.


Rhonda – President of Faith Love Hope Foundation.

President’s message – January 2020

As I reflect on 2019 I am amazed and grateful to God for what has been achieved throughout this past year.

Faith Love Hope Foundation was able to contribute $18,000 to the Peniel community in 2019; to assist with rents, installments for the College property, a new 2 storey wing added to the existing College building, school fees, clothes for the children. This is an amazing contribution for such a little charity. 100% of the money given to Faith Love Hope Foundation is poured back into the Peniel community – for the children in the Childrens’ Home and the bible students in the College.

I visited Yangon in September 2019 for 5 days and spent time with the children in their home, and also with the bible students at the College. It was good to see first hand how life in Yangon was going. The new 2 storey wing has given more space for the bible students. Moses and some of the students laboured on the new building to keep costs down. The children are doing well. They care for each other and help each other. However, the Childrens’ Home building is more run down since my last visit 3 years ago and is in significant need of repair – the foundations are crumbling, the roof is leaking and the bathroom facilities need to be upgraded. The only alternative is to build a new Home on the adjoining land and pull down the old Home. This will be our focus in the coming years – to raise funds to begin building a new Childrens’ Home for the Peniel community – a building that doesn’t flood in the wet season, no leaking roofs, proper bathroom facilities and proper kitchen area.

May the Peniel community be even more generously blessed in 2020.

We say ‘thank you’ for your generosity, and ‘thank you God’ for always providing.


Moses, Sharon and Rhonda – Sept. 2019

Presidents’ message – January 2019

Following our recent AGM, I have been appointed the role of President of Faith Love Hope Foundation, and I will continue the endeavour to raise awareness and encourage generosity for the Peniel community in Myanmar.

I follow in the footsteps of Martin Cohn, who was the first President of the Foundation, and I will always be grateful for his passion and enthusiasm for Faith Love Hope Foundation, and for getting us ‘off the ground’ and onto the global arena.

We have launched our latest campaign: ‘Loose change 4 Myanmar’

We welcome all to participate! Please send us an email, and your address, and we will send you your very own Faith Love Hope collection box.

We have angel/bead trinkets, as a ‘thank you’, for your online donations over $10

We will keep you updated on the latest news from Myanmar.

Thank you. Please visit us often, and may God stir your heart for Myanmar.


March 2018

Martin CohnThe formation of Faith Love Hope Sydney Foundation Inc, is the brainchild of Rhonda Dundas, who visited Myanmar in 2016 and felt she would be able to make a contribution to a children’s home in Peniel.

It is a great honour to have been elected  President of the organisation, after its formation in 2017 and I look forward to the ongoing journey we have started with a dedicated committee of members and supporters.

As with any endeavour, our success is dependant on our growing army of supporters, who mean a  great deal to us and collectively support children who, with a hand up, rather than a handout, are poised to start making a difference in their community in Peniel.

Our team on the ground in Yangon are Moses and Sharon Liancuh without whom none of this would be possible.

With the start of the year behind us, we are in full swing to hit the road running with our fundraising efforts. We have multiple avenues of income generation which are being fully explored at this stage. I look forward to reporting on those efforts in coming updates over the next few months.

Again, your ongoing support means a great deal to us and the Children in particular. You are all appreciated. Thank you again.



Martin Cohn





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