Report on the Christmas Period 2017

Christmas Carol Singing

Over the Christmas period, December 2017, the seminary students were able to reach 440 homes with the Gospel.

Moses and Sharon, (runnning the Children’s home)  reported the Children have shared their faith with many people in the local area of Peniel during the Christmas Season with the Christmas Outreach Program.

The children from the home sung Christmas carols and were able to recite Bible verses, prayers and of course carols.

God blessed this outreach program and we, the team in Myanmar are very grateful for all the support from our Australian donors.


Christmas Carols


Land Has Been Purchased

Peniel Thoelogical College Land

Moses has been able to purchase the land next door to the Children’s home due to generous donations.

He has a vision to build a 5 story building.

“This building will have worship hall, classrooms, offices, kitchen and dining, toilets, library, dormitory for boys and girls, and a meeting room.

The building will mainly be for the Seminary, however our children in the Children’s home will also be using this building, especially library, worship hall and meeting room”.

As a Foundation, we want to help with the building on the land next door to the Children’s home. A part of our vision of Faith Love Hope was to have the Children’s home, Theological College, Church and student accommodation to be together on one site. This is now possible with the land purchase.

Raise the Foundations

‘Raise the Foundations’ is now our building fund.

Our target is $100,000 to lay the foundations for the new Theological College.

Sponsor a Bible student through Bible College

We are aiming to sponsor 40 students at $50 per month

Goal: 40 sponsorships for food, accommodation costs, tutoring and other needs for the students).

Peniel Thoelogical College Land

General Funds

  • To help support financially with the day to day running costs of a Children’s home with 46 children and 64 Bible College students.
  • Food, clean water, fruit (for children and students)
  • Education and medical needs for children and students
  • Electricity/ rent etc
  • Wages for staff. At present, may do not even get paid.
  • Our Long term goal is for Peniel to be self sustaining.


Supporting A Children’s Home and College in Yangon, Myanmar

Children's home in Myanmar

Welcome to the Faith Love Hope Foundation Website.

We are supporting a children’s home and college in Yangon, Myanmar.

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Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Faith Love Hope Foundation is to restore faith and hope by sharing God’s love, by delivering certainty of funding,  and to facilitate education and health care for the children of Myanmar.
One of the founding aims of our foundation is to help the children of Peniel in Myanmar with ownership and sustainability of their own destiny.

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