Deep Condolences & Heartfelt Sympathy

Rhonda Dundas

Dear Faith Love Hope Foundation & Bereaved Family,

Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord and Jesus Christ from Myanmar. We are writing this letter to you, ‘ Faith Love Hope Foundation,’ and the bereaved family with great sorrow and sadness. We are greatly saddened by the news of the untimely passing away of our dear sister Rhonda. This is a tragic loss for us. We, PENIEL FAMILY offer you our deepest condolences. Please accept our heartfelt sympathy during this sorrowful time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

We have known our dear Sister Rhonda for years and met her in person in 2016, and ever since, she has become a great blessing and tremendous prayer partner and supporter of our Peniel Family. She visited us two times in person and we had a blessed time together with fellowship, worship, prayers, training, and vision sharing. It was so impactful to minister together with her. We not only met her in person, but met her through zoom, face time and connecting with one another through exchanging emails and messages. She always shared with us her big vision for Peniel Family. We have seen tremendous fruit and impact from knowing her and partnering with her in the ministry. She was a woman of prayer, a woman of faith, a woman of love and a woman of generosity. She was so faithful to God, even until her last breath. She used to prayed for us and she encouraged us, even from her sick bed. Her death is a great, great, great loss for us all. We are sure that the Master Jesus will welcome our dear sister Rhonda with these words, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been so faithful even in a little things, enter into the joy of my Kingdom.” We pray and hope that the steps that Rhonda has taken to form the charity “Faith Love Hope Foundation” will be continued by your trusted friends, family and the people of God.

Dear Sister Rhonda, we are saddened by your untimely death but at the same time, we are happy that you are now in a better place where there is no more sorry and toil but rejoicing and praising God in His presence. You have left a great legacy to us. Your smiling face, humility, prayerful life, generosity, love for the Lord and His people will always inspire and encourage our Peniel Family. We deeply love you, respect you, and appreciate you.

In Heaven, there will be many people whom you have not seen with your physical eyes, who will come to you and shake your hands and say, “ I am here because of your prayers, faith, love, generosity,” What a great rejoicing that will be!

With a genuine love, deep respect, great esteem and heartfelt condolences,

Moses & Sharon and the

Peniel Community

From the President’s desk

Here we are at the end of April 2023. A lot has been happening over the past few months.

The Peniel Children’s Home Building Project in Myanmar is now at final completion. On behalf of Faith Love Hope Foundation I would like to thank the generous grants given to this Project by Christian Enterprises, and to the generosity of others so that these children could have a new home. No more leaky roof in the wet season, no more rotten floorboards, no more poor sanitation and improper kitchen facilities.

We give thanks to God for His enabling of this Project in the midst of a military coup, covid pandemic, banking issues and rising costs of supplies.

This is truly amazing! To God be the glory!

Thank you again to all who have been a part of this Project

God Bless,

Rhonda (President)

Update on the Children’s Home building project (Aug. 2022)

The building project is nearing completion and it wont be too long before the children get to move into their new home. No more leaky roof or holes in the floor. They will have proper kitchen and bathroom facilities.

All of us at Faith Love Hope Foundation are excited to see this project come to fruition

Here are the latest photos of the building progress: –


Children’s Home Building Progress in Myanmar

Here are a few photos of the current progress of the building project of the new Children’s Home for the children of the ‘Peniel’ community. A wonderful effort in the midst of an ongoing political and economic crisis.

If you would like to be a part of this project your financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.

We, at Faith Love Hope Foundation, are very excited to see this building take shape.

Building a new Children’s Home

It is with great excitement that we are commencing the building of a new Children’s Home for the children of the Peniel community in 2022.

Myanmar continues to experience hardship with the ongoing military coup, economic crisis and covid waves in 2022, but God has allowed Moses to access building materials to build a new Children’s Home.

The Home will be able to accommodate up to 70 children who have been displaced, orphaned and who are needy due to the ongoing issues in Myanmar.

Faith Love Hope Foundation are supporting Moses and the Peniel community with the financial costs of the building. If you would like to be a supporter with us please donate to this very exciting project to improve the lives of the next generation in the country of Myanmar. Read more

2021 – the year in review in Myanmar

1st February – the ruling party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), was deposed and the military  junta took control of power under a military coup, declaring a year long state of  emergency.

Civilian protests ensued on a daily basis and many protestors were killed by the military. The economy and businesses were affected – hospitals, banking, stores, schools; and the cost of living dramatically increased.

Covid-19 ‘hit’ Myanmar hard – for most civilians covid testing was not available, and the vaccine was only accessible to the military. Hospitals were not able to cope with the number of sick people and oxygen tanks were expensive and in short supply. Many died by the hands of the military or from covid-19.

Many protestors fled from the cities and villages into the hills and border towns.

As 2021 came to an end the military regime in Myanmar were still in power, the democratically elected government officials were still in prison; the military continued to strike fear into the Myanmar people with reprisals on protestors, air strikes on towns, and restrictions on freedoms.

The people of Myanmar need our prayers for peace, stability and the basic human right to live in freedom and not under dictatorship. They also need encouragement and assistance from the global community to achieve this.

2021 – the year in review for Faith Love Hope Foundation

January 2021 – Faith Love Hope Foundation achieved Australian and Not for Profits Commission                                            (ACNC)  status.

April 2021 – money was sent to the Peniel community for roof repairs.

November 2021 – money was sent to the Peniel community for razor wire fencing due to several burglary incidents. And in late November a further lot of money was given for Christmas needs for Peniel and the wider community.

Faith Love Hope Foundation has had a vision to build a new Children’s Home  for the ‘Peniel’ children. The events of 2021 in Myanmar have put the commencement of the building on hold for the time being, but we continue to raise funds for this project. And Faith Love Hope Foundation is extremely grateful to the generous donations to the building project.

We continue to support the Peniel community and help with different needs as they arise eg. roof repairs, razor wire fencing and Christmas needs. The children are well, and receive the best of care even under difficult circumstances; they are being home schooled and are taught by Moses’ team – it is unsafe for the children to go to the state schools due to bombings in school yards and the covid pandemic.

We pray that 2022 will see circumstances change in Myanmar for the good. We lift up this nation before Almighty God and pray that He will establish justice and righteousness and peace for the people.


Rhonda    (President of  Faith Love Hope Foundation)

We Have the ACNC Tick of Approval

Registered Charity

As a charity operating in Australia and supporting the Children of the Peniel Community in Myanmar, we are obligated to operate with the highest levels of integrity and transparency.

We are proud to advise we have now been authorised to display the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission Registered Charities Tick.

This indicates to all our supporters and donors that we are operating with the highest levels of transparency and governance.

You can be assured that your donations are working hard towards the support of the Children of the Peniel Community and Bible College.

Our charity status can be checked on the ACNC website here.





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