Deep Condolences & Heartfelt Sympathy

Dear Faith Love Hope Foundation & Bereaved Family,

Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord and Jesus Christ from Myanmar. We are writing this letter to you, ‘ Faith Love Hope Foundation,’ and the bereaved family with great sorrow and sadness. We are greatly saddened by the news of the untimely passing away of our dear sister Rhonda. This is a tragic loss for us. We, PENIEL FAMILY offer you our deepest condolences. Please accept our heartfelt sympathy during this sorrowful time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

We have known our dear Sister Rhonda for years and met her in person in 2016, and ever since, she has become a great blessing and tremendous prayer partner and supporter of our Peniel Family. She visited us two times in person and we had a blessed time together with fellowship, worship, prayers, training, and vision sharing. It was so impactful to minister together with her. We not only met her in person, but met her through zoom, face time and connecting with one another through exchanging emails and messages. She always shared with us her big vision for Peniel Family. We have seen tremendous fruit and impact from knowing her and partnering with her in the ministry. She was a woman of prayer, a woman of faith, a woman of love and a woman of generosity. She was so faithful to God, even until her last breath. She used to prayed for us and she encouraged us, even from her sick bed. Her death is a great, great, great loss for us all. We are sure that the Master Jesus will welcome our dear sister Rhonda with these words, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been so faithful even in a little things, enter into the joy of my Kingdom.” We pray and hope that the steps that Rhonda has taken to form the charity “Faith Love Hope Foundation” will be continued by your trusted friends, family and the people of God.

Dear Sister Rhonda, we are saddened by your untimely death but at the same time, we are happy that you are now in a better place where there is no more sorry and toil but rejoicing and praising God in His presence. You have left a great legacy to us. Your smiling face, humility, prayerful life, generosity, love for the Lord and His people will always inspire and encourage our Peniel Family. We deeply love you, respect you, and appreciate you.

In Heaven, there will be many people whom you have not seen with your physical eyes, who will come to you and shake your hands and say, “ I am here because of your prayers, faith, love, generosity,” What a great rejoicing that will be!

With a genuine love, deep respect, great esteem and heartfelt condolences,

Moses & Sharon and the

Peniel Community

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