About Us

Assisting small communities in Myanmar through Christian outreach.

Faith Love Hope seeks to restore faith and hope by sharing God’s love delivering certainty of funding and facilitating education & health care for the children of Peniel, Myanmar.

Faith Love Hope Foundation was formed to help with the financial costs of Peniel Children’s Home and Peniel Theological College on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar, under the leadership of Moses Liancuh.

Moses, and his wife, Sharon, run a Children’s Home which accommodates 46 children from the ages of 3 to 17 years.

These children have lost parents and family members in areas of conflict, mainly in Northern Myanmar.

He is also the head of Peniel Theological College, training 64 young students with Bible knowledge and church planting.

The vision of Faith Love Hope Foundation is for Peniel to be one site and to be able to generate their own income for sustainability.

We seek to facilitate the process of the Children’s Home, Theological College, Church and student accommodation to be on one site, as well as several other buildings which could be rented out or used as a school (eg: teaching English) or to help the local community.

All donations are appreciated and will be put towards our ideals above.


ABN: 47 921 639 776